No Spend August Day 9

I definitely couldn’t blog daily about my one month no spend experiment.

I was going to wait until day 15, but since I am craving tacos and tequila, I opted for day 9.

It’s definitely harder than I thought. I figured this would be a breeze. Then I realized I can’t go golfing. I have to stick to my guns here.

So far I have spent $870.00 in variable expenses. Some of you might say, whoa dude, you spent almost $100 per day. Unfortunately I had to pay some medical expenses I put off and didn’t realize were due. But the only two expenses that are acceptable during a month of no spend is…..groceries and medical.

My wife and I are eating up all the food we have. Good way to clear out the old stuff before it goes bad. You can get pretty creative with it. We haven’t purchased anything in 3 days and other then groceries this weekend, highly unlikely we’ll purchase anything else.

My goal is to keep the variable expenses to $1200 this month. It helps to use an app like Daily Budget which allows a quick simple way to track expenses.

It takes a few weeks to change habits so maybe I’ll continue this no spend into September. I still have to get through August first.

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